Nathan Robinson

Maker, Hacker, Student. I love building websites and programming embedded devices.

My name is Nathan Robinson, I am 17 years old and I live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I have created many projects on GitHub, and I love programming C++, Javascript, Bash and Python.

Particle Offline Utility:

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Po-util, short for Particle Offline Utility, is a tool I maintain for facilitating the ultimate local Particle development experience.

Po-util is my personal solution to local Particle development that uses the GCC for ARM Cortex processors toolchain to build your projects using the Particle Firmware Source directly on your computer. Po-util can be installed on macOS using Homebrew:

$ brew tap nrobinson2000/po
$ brew install po
$ po install

Read more about po-util at

Read my article on Hackster about po-util.

Setup guide for Particle on Raspberry Pi:

Recently I published a guide on Hackster explaining how to use Raspberry Pi with the Particle Platform in order to access inputs and outputs and dynamicaly control processes on the Raspberry Pi itself. The setup is compatible with the new Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless.

If you already have a Raspberry Pi and a Particle account that is accepted into the Open Raspberry Pi Beta, you can get quickly get Particle running with these commands on your Pi:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
$ bash <( curl -sL )

Bitcoin Donation Page Generator:

I have created a simple HTML plugin that lets users easily create a page for them to accept Bitcoin donations. It has many features, including generating a unique scan-to-donate QR code and creating a click-to-donate link. It is highly configurable, as its variables can be set in a query in the URL. For a demo, click this button.

For more information, check out the repository on GitHub.


February - June 2017: Web Consultant

  • Created and administered the website for DPC New England, a coalition of doctors providing direct primary care. Developed Wordpress, Discourse, and system administration skills on an Ubuntu Linux server. Now providing administrative support and ongoing system updates.

October 2016 - Present: Particle-Raspberry Pi Alpha Tester

Late 2015 - Present: Particle Community Volunteer

  • Over the past year, I have devoted much of my free time to voluntarily helping members of the Particle Community.

  • Assisting the developers and users of Particle, a company providing extensive Internet of Things services and micro-controller development kits used by developers and companies worldwide. I directly address topics within the active community, provide assistance with code, and give feedback on Particle’s tools and services.


2016 - Present: Cape Elizabeth High School

  • Coding Club President, Junior Varsity Basketball, Technical Theatre

  • In Coding Club I focus on helping students create projects with the Particle IoT platform and teach them the fundamentals of developing smart devices and web based applications.

  • Presented to the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation and received a $1,200 grant to purchase Raspberry Pi and Particle Photon hardware kits for use in Coding Club.

  • Operated the sound and lights for several productions in the Cape Elizabeth High School theater.

Summer 2016: Oxbridge Experience in Boston

  • Majored in Computer Science and minored in Neuropsychology during the summer of 2016 while residing at the Harvard Law School.

  • Created a semi-autonomous rover using a Particle Photon, and a Raspberry Pi that completed various tasks. Building the robot improved my C++ and Python programming skills.

  • Grades for Oxbridge Experience in Boston

2015 - 2016: ACS Hillingdon International School, London

  • Tech Club, Genius Bar, ISTA, Junior Varsity Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis

  • For my tenth grade personal project I created an Internet of Things demonstration that used a Photon to control servos and lights, and monitor sensors with an accompanying web application I built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Summer 2015: Cambridge Prep Experience

  • Majored in Science and the Future and minored in Speech and Debate in the summer of 2015 while residing at Peterhouse College at Cambridge University.

  • Grades for Cambridge Prep Experience

Summer 2014: Oxford Prep Experience

  • Majored in Computer Science and minored in Creative Writing in the summer of 2014 while residing at Oriel College at Oxford University.

  • Grades for Oxford Prep Experience

Skills and Interests:

Particle Tools:

  • I have used both the Photon and Electron, and continue to use Particle tools to develop projects in Coding Club and my own personal projects.


  • I am well versed with the command line and enjoy creating scripts to expedite development worflows. Creating po-util is an example of such a script, and has improved my understanding of Bash greatly.

Other Skills:

  • Web Design and Administration, JavaScript, Python, GitHub, Internet of Things, Linux


  • Camping, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Video Games, Creating Developer Tools

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